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Safety & Site Access

ProShore Davit System

The ProShore Davit system provides a specialized safety component for safer entry and exit of a worker from any trench shield or slide rail excavation. Our P.E. certified base mounts to various styles of trench shields and slide rail shoring systems and will clamp securely to any side wall from 3” to 8” of panel thickness. The ProShore davit system installs quickly for easy fall arrest or retrieval of personnel working on or near trench shield systems. All components are made from high-grade aluminum making it light-weight and easily transportable by hand.

Davit arm
ProShore Ladder Platform

The Ladder platform is a great addition to any trench shield or slide rail system and will clamp securely to any side wall from  3” to 8” of panel thickness. The P.E. certified platform 
includes a latched gate and a slide out ladder support bar the securely locks the ladder into place providing a safe angle for all ladder access to the bottom of the excavation. The platform includes secure anchor points for lifting into place and adjustable legs to accommodate varying surface types.

ProShore Railing Posts

The ProShore Railing Post System is a unique guard rail device that enhances the safety factor for job site personnel. It serves as an extra precautionary measure providing temporary railings around any excavation or trench. The entire system can be installed quickly and easily on any slide rail panel, trench shield or bulkhead plate from 1" to 8" thick.​

Guard rail
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