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Slide Rail Systems

Our slide rail shoring system provides an economical alternative to conventional “tight sheeting” methods. It is ideal for use in poor soil condition and where soil support is required.


  • Entire system can be installed and removed quickly with a small crew

  • Dig and push system allows low vibration installations, provides soil support for excavations, adjacent structures and existing utilities

  • Installed from the top down and removed from the bottom up, minimizing size of excavation, soil disturbances, and restoration time and cost

4-Sided Application

The most popular application for our Slide Rail Shoring System. Whether it's a Single, Double or Triple System, Clearspan, Bore Pit or Linear Application, the 4-Sided Application provides complete protection on all sides when completely installed.

Linear Application

With our versatile Slide Rail Shoring System, any of our systems (Single, Double and Triple) can be configured in a linear application. Configuring a Slide Rail System for a Linear Application permits the use of longer pipe during installation, by simply raising and lowering the Roller Frame system. This has proven to be a great way to increase job site safety along with saving time and money.

Bore Pits & Clear Span Systems

Our Slide Rail Shoring System for boring applications is able to provide 20 feet plus of clear space in the first bay, large enough to accommodate your casing size, while providing enough vertical clearance (typically 6' - 8') and ample room in the second bay for your machine. This provides you and your crew with a safe and economically viable work space.

Installation Instructions

1) After the initial pilot cut, first outer panel and corner post are put into place.

2) Second panel and corner post form a right angle.

3) With outer panels and posts in position...

4) Excavation continues...

5) Outer panels are pushed to final depth.

6) Excavation is depened and panels are lowered into inside tracks.

7) Excavator continues to dig and push the inside panels and corner posts...

8) until desired depth is reached.

Removal Instructions

9) Extract inner panels as backfilling and compaction is started.

10) Outer panels and corner posts are extracted as back filling is completed.

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