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Specialty Products

Pipe Plugs


We offer a complete line of inflatable pipe plugs. Designed for applications from pressure testing and blocking of residential DWV systems to repair and maintenance of municipal infrastructure.



  • Multi-size

  • Protection sleeve. Protects expensive plugs from abrasion

  • Rupture resistant on some sizes


Pipe plugs

Smoke Testing


The World’s Most Complete Smoke Testing System! Efficient and cost effective, smoke testing has become the world-wide standard for finding leaks in sewer and plumbing systems. By forcing smoke-filled air through a sewer or plumbing system, leaks can be quickly detected as smoke escapes through problem areas.



  • Quickly identify leaks and cracked pipes

  • LiquiSmoke used by our testers is the safest and cleanest way to smoke test

  • Lightweight and portable


Smoke testing

Pipe Pullers


Joining one concrete pipe to another used to be time-consuming and expensive. Our pipe pullers change that. Pipe pullers make joining pipe easier with less chance of breakage.


  • Easy one person operation

  • Minimizes pipe breakage

  • Superior pulling power

Pipe puller
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